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“I spent a lot of time vacillating between wanting to be seen as attractive, being terrified by too much attention, wanting to succeed and fit in without anyone actually noticing me.” This quote popped up while I was starting to write this post and I will admit I was initially going to write a generic post on how you can pull off denim on denim without feeling like you were straight out of my dads favorite country western movie, but when I read this it made me think a little bit more (sorry to get deep) then ways to rock a “Canadian tuxedo”. Wear what you want regardless of what anyone else thinks!


We all get a little stuck with worrying about what everyone else thinks. That’s normal! I do it all the time and I think that it has really limited me. Slowly, I have been able to accept that I’m not everyones cup of tea, shot of whiskey, vodka soda, or whatever you choose to drink but you are who you are and that’s damn good for the people who deserve to have your bad-ass in their life!


But to get back to denim on denim, I for one love it and am going to wear it no matter what people say but it can go horribly wrong when you overload. I believe that there are two major keys to success to transform the “Canadian Tuxedo” to a desired look everyone can pull off. First rule; wear your dark denim on bottom and your light denim on top. This helps with the second rule; always pay attention to fit and proportion. When items are too baggy or too tight they can create a look that is less than desired.




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Jacket: Zara Denim Jacket
T-Shirt: TopShop Distressed Tee
Jeans: American Eagle
Sunnies: Marc Jacobs 54mm Sunglasses
Trainers: Nike “Classic” Sneakers

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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