Party Pants In Portland


With my 26th birthday approaching in just few days, I see no reason not to start the party a little bit early and with that, the sun shining and a great outlook on the future (that’s what I say to myself to not induce sheer panic about turning 26) So, I have one word for you; PARTY PANTS! Party pants have different meanings for different people but these are MINE. I love the pattern on them not only because they are a great way to break into Spring but because honestly they are just really fun to wear!


Patterns can be tricky though, which is why you do need to be careful. They can be overwhelming and sometimes go totally wrong. Opting for a simple top and subtle accessories is a great way to keep the focus on the “Party Pant” and make sure the outfit doesn’t look like it was picked and plucked from a grab bag.


Come at me 26. I am ready for you (insert punching fist emoji)






Shop The Look:

Top: H&M Lyocell Chambray Shirt [I took the pockets off of mine:)]
Pants: Jen7 “Vintage Garden” Jean
Shoes: H&M Suede Pumps
Crossbody: Louise et Cie “Jael” Crossbody
Sunnies: Spy “Bowie” Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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