Brunette Duh

So Mother Nature has officially decided to pack away those surprise 80 degree days and Fall is in full swing! Meaning, I am unpacking all of my cozy sweaters. I just got this Zara “Brunette” sweater the other week and have been dying to wear it, for one reason and one reason only. It is just a fun piece! I love Zara because I can buy a piece like this kitchy slogan sweater, at reasonable price and not feel awful if it is not put away into my style archive. You learn that there are times when shelling out the big bucks for classic and timeless items is just ABSOLUTELY necessary (my mother and father would certainly disagree) and there are times that you must calm yourself and come back down to earth, realizing that a sweater that says “Brunette” across the front shouldn’t set you back $500.

Speaking about shelling out; I’ve mentioned in previous posts how much I LOVE sneakers and I have a tendency to sometimes spend a little too much on them. Oh well, they are worth it! Nike “Blazers” are my favorite, these ones have a leopard print on them which makes them a bit more feminine!

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Sweater: Zara “Slogan” Sweater
Pants: Paige “Verdugo” Ultra Skinny
Sneakers: Nike Mid “Blazer”

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples
*We shot this outside Vignola Cinque Terre (amazing food), which is right off Dana St. Downtown Portland, ME

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