There’s always that one item we see bloggers wearing with ease during fashion week, that you just can’t wait to get your hands on. This season, it’s the baker boy hat, also known as the newsboy or pageboy. Whatever name you give it, no one can deny that you saw lots of these hats this fall and they have continued their appearance into the winter. I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t rushing to make this purchase. Maybe it was the PTSD from being dressed up to play a boy in the local production of Newsies. I don’t know, doesn’t matter I have come to my senses and am happy I did!


This hat has made quite a few appearances in fashion history, but leave it to the French (who we all know, know how to rock a hat), like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot to make a hat originally worn by men look chic and feminine. My first memory of this hat is seeing iconic 90’s supermodels like Naomi Campell and Kate Moss. If Kate Moss okays it then I MUST okay it too, so I did with this mixed grey and white wool cap that I found at Nordstrom. The great thing about these hats is that they come in all sorts of materials, colors and details, so that you can find one that fits you best (and I can guarantee you won’t look like a boy from Newsies)!





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Sweater: Forever21 “Brushed” Knit
Jeans: Carmar Denim “Rhein Ryan” (Dark wash only in stores)
Boots: Marc Fisher “Alinda”
Clutch: Vintage Whiting & Davis
Hat: August Hat “Boys are Back” newsboy cap

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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