RedSowles Turned 1!


Pop a bottle of champagne, RedSowles has made it to one year!


Thinking back to when I first decided to start the blog, I had really only planned for it to be a creative outlet for me. A way to showcase my outlook on fashion and the inspiration it gave me. I felt like I had lost that trying to become an “adult”. Not only did I want it back but I needed it. I hoped it might even inspire others, whether in fashion or just in life.


Starting this journey was extremely out of my comfort zone. It was nerve-wracking to say the least. I have always been more of a background person and this was throwing me into the forefront. Not knowing what people were thinking about me was scary but, with every new post and with words of support from the people who mean the most to me and even some surprising comments from people I never would have thought, my insecurities began to dwindle. The confidence I had behind my posts seeped into my real life and for that I will be forever thankful. The support has been nothing short of amazing and I am excited to see where the next year will take RedSowles.




The biggest thanks to the amazing Alana Peoples, behind the lens. I don’t know how she does it but she is able to capture the split seconds where my apparent RBF has turned into a smile and helping me to create something I have become extremely proud of. Her support and push to do this from the start has been a driving factor in me wanting to make the most out of what we started together!




Shop The Look:

Sweater: ASOS
Skirt: Lovers + Friends “Cinci” Skirt
Booties: ASOS Admission Bootie
Necklace: Topshop Rhinestone Necklace

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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