So What If It’s Winter


There are times where a trend or a style has made it’s way out of what would be considered “mainstream” fashion or maybe it’s that it’s not the accompanying season that we would normally pair it with but that’s the great thing about personal style, it’s just that. Personal. It’s easy to get caught up in what social media, the magazines and others around you are telling you to wear but staying true to yourself and what you like will keep fashion fun and not so “paint by numbers” if you will. That is one thing I leared from coming into my own and really understanding my personal style. I live by one rule. If I like it; I’m going to style it and wear it.


I have worn this bandana in plenty of post. First, because I love it. Second, because it is extremely versatile in the ways it can be worn, and third, because I think it is a great way to incorporate a piece you might only associate with summer style into your winter wardrobe. I love how high the neck is on this sweater and how you can see the scalloped edges as they peek through up at the top. I also think this is a great way to add not only a unique accessory but it also brings in an additional color to the scheme and brightens the outfit up. You could do this with any color/patterned bandana, as well as with a great silk scarf or handkerchief (check out flea shops and vintage stores bandanas/scarves. Also, parents and even grandparents have some great finds!)







Shop The Look:

Sweater: PrettyLittleThing Neck Detail Jumper
Jeans: AG “Farrah” Skinny
Bandana: Urban Outfitters “Classic” Bandana
Booties: ASOS “Office Academic Buckle Boots”
Tote: GoYard St. Louis GM Tote (In Blue)

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples


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