Fashion Made Me Do It, For The Cause

“The fashion industry is purely materialistic and a reason young girls, people in general have unreal expectations of what they are supposed to look like, live like etc… Actually what good does the fashion industry even do? I want to do something that gives back.” This was something that was said to me back around my sophomore year in college; where I might add I was majoring in fashion design and merchandising. The major I knew I had wanted to pursue since I was a sophomore in high school but, that’s beside the point! I was so taken a back by this statement because one; it was a complete insult to the career path that I had chosen and two; how could such an ignorant statement be made? You look at the surface of the fashion industry and yeah it’s all glitz & glamour, getting a bad rep for being filled with size 00 witches, that prance around in sky high stilettos but the truth is that in an industry that’s often being called out for its lack of diversity, body positivity, humanitarianism, there are plenty of designers and companies who display a mission as prominent as the fashion-forward designs they put out season after season.


Which is why I was so excited when an old friend of mine Olivia, reached out and said that she would love to send me some things from the company she works for out in LA (she’s a rockstar). I was like “hell yes, dug!” but it became so much more then that for me. I became proud to wear this company. Project Social T is just one company that is making an impact by putting clothes out there with a purpose backing them. Every year the company selects 4 amazing charities across the U.S. to partner with. then, each quarter they get to know the charity, the volunteers and the missions individually and in turn able to donate $5,000 a month to ensure that the charity can continue it’s incredible work!

Yeah, you’re right that doesn’t sound “good” to me either. LOL! Companies like Project Social T are out spreading awareness surrounding the causes and efforts charities like the ones they have worked with are trying to project. And that’s one thing this world could always use a little more of.


I was lucky enough to receive more items in my package (which I can’t wait to share with you because guys, I literally live in their stuff) but this “Fashion Made Me Do It” cut off is not only way cute but it also hopefully, sends a double message. Of course it can be a response I say to my boyfriend when I come home and I have accidentally bought three more pairs of shoes that have no place in our closet or it can be a response to opening up the conversation so many of these charities face everyday. A simple tank can become not-so simple when you find out the story behind it. Please please please check out Project Social T. I promise you wont regret it. Your wallet might when you buy the whole collection but like the tank says “Fashion Made Me Do It”.






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Tank: Project Social T “Fashion Made Me Do It” Tank
Jeans: Levi’s 501 Original Fit
Sunnies: Quay x Desi Perkins “High Key Mini”
Shoes: Sam Edelman “Hazel” Pump

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples
Location Credit: Novare Res : Portland, Maine

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