Blazin’ Summer


I love me some blazers but sometimes I have a hard time tossing one onto the cashiers counter and walking out with it. I think it is mainly because I watch my boss of a mom walk out of the house every morning wearing one, and I got this pre judgment that they were to be worn in an “office setting”… TOTALLY WRONG! Just like a good pair of stiletto heels, they really are one of easiest way to elevate and zhush up any outfit (except that the later is way more comfortable). To relax the “stiffness” of a blazer I always try and pari it with more youthful pieces so that the overall look isn’t super uptight. Patterned blazers or colorful ones are a great way to add that youthful take if you need to make the look a bit more serious. Lucky for me, I don’t or at least didn’t with this look!


This blazer I picked up on sale on one of my favorite websites They have AMAZING brands, and their sale section is to die for! I have heard great things about the way Veronica Beards blazers fit, so I pulled the trigger and bought this one (on major sale). It was a few sizes too big so I went to my local tailor and she made it fit perfectly! I’m not attending any board meetings in the near future, so pairing it with great denim cut-offs and this fun H&M graphic tee was my way of bringing the vibe of the look down to be more relaxed and laid back.





Shop The Look:

Blazer: Veronica Beard Striped Blazer (mine is no longer available but this is a close fit)
T-Shirt: H&M Graphic Tee
Shorts: Free People Loving Good Vibrations Cut Off Shorts
Sneaks: Reebok Royal Complete Sneakers

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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