Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that Portland has become a hub for a booming food and drink scene, some may even say it’s become on par with larger cities! One of the newest spots to grace our city’s roster is the Tuscan Table. Located out near the Maine Mall, the table is a third member of a family that includes The Royal River Grill House in Yarmouth and The Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro in Freeport. The older siblings of the “Table” have already made quite a name for themselves and the “Table” has done nothing short of that since opening back in December. With AMAZING food and a JAW DROPPING interior I can promise you will be visiting the Maine Mall a lot more then you could have ever imagined!


So you all must be wondering why I am writing a post that revolves around food and not “The Best Mom Jeans if Your Not a Mom” (don’t worry that’s coming) but, that is because my boss of a best friend Allie is the manager of this beautiful place. Not only does she run a tight shift but she also comes up with the cocktails and drink list. Allie and I have known each other for more then 10 years, we even endure all four years of college together and I can tell you that her drinks back then were not nearly as good as they are now (gone are the days of Svedka and Fresca. Thank god)!


Sorry, sorry enough reminiscing. Back to why I’m writing this post, the Tuscan Table and I have partnered together to give ONE follower a $50 gift card to use at the Tuscan Table. Rules are easy; follow @redsowles, follow @tuscantable on Instagram and tag at least one friend who you would like to join you or would like this giveaway! Keep scrolling down to see a little peek of what this beautiful restaurant has to offer.


Umm how pretty are these glasses?!



We are in Maine so you bet the seafood on this “Grand Platter” is on point.


Tastes as pretty as it looks.


Girls get your Instagrams ready, this wall is just waiting for you to snap a pic.


I meannnnn….. YUM





This is their wine wall… Yes, I said wine wall. It goes along the back wall and is TWO FLOORS HIGH! Can I get one of those installed in my apartment pleaseee??


The chocolate cakes has major Matilda vibes and the macaroons transport you straight to Paris. The perfect way to end (or start) a meal!


In all seriousness, any restaurant would have had a difficult time neighboring up to cheap chain restaurant after chain restaurant churning out mall goers but the Tuscan Table has brought an elegance and a welcoming “sit down and ENJOY your meal and time” to the area and I am excited to see what they and Allie have up their sleeve to continue to bring a stylish atmosphere and delicious food to our ever growing “foody” city!



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