Bey and I


We all remember the first concert we ever went to and when I say concert I mean, like stadium seating, thousands of people, lights, fireworks etc… Chances are if you are around my age it would have been to someone like Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, N’Sync or The Backstreet Boys. Right? Nope, my first was Cher. Yup that’s right one of Cher’s seven “farewell tours”. Don’t get me wrong as a fashion lover the costume changes and glitz and glam were incredible but with few lyrics in my head, let’s just say I wasn’t screaming “oops I did it again.” But being my 12 year old self I begged my dad (yeah that’s right my father. Big Cher guy. Big Cher guy) to purchase me a concert tee. Long story short it had a gigantic photo of Cher in an ice blonde wig and I wore it to school once and that was the last time I wore it.


Fast forward 15 years I was NOT going to make the same mistake. So when Coop and I went to go see the king and queen in the flesh, I was determined to get a tee that I could rock the way I see people killing it with “Rolling Stones”, “AC/DC” and the rest of the classic band tees. And I mean you CAN’T go wrong with Beyonce on your shirt. A girl who had custom Balmain for her show has to know a thing or two about fashion.






Part of what makes these T-shirts so appealing is the “vintage” look to the outfit. If you’re a vintage tee fan (or any kind of vintage), just stay authentic. Shop originals when you can and whatever you style it with, make sure it feels like “you”. I wanted to keep the vintage feel the band tees have but stay true to me. I don’t listen to “The Ramones” or “AC/DC” which is why Beyonce felt like a good “investment”. And let’s be real she is not going anywhere anytime soon. She’s about to drop another secret album and have another set of twins and then maybe run for president. I paired Bey with vintage Levis but “imma upgrade” the look with this B-low the belt rhinestone belt for “ice ornaments”. Then nothing tops of a great, easy,  tee and cut offs outfit like fresh white sneaks. Let the t-shirt have most of the outfit spotlight and then have fun with dashes of cool accessories!




Shop The Look:

T-Shirt: On The Run II Merchandise
Levis: Vintage
Belt: B-Low The Belt “Farah”
Sneaks: Reebok Royal Complete Sneakers

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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