The What’s What on the WhoWhatWear Collection


So, in case you were unaware, I had not been working  for the majority of this summer. (BTW just started a brand new job that I am very stoked for. Also, YAY money!!) Taking “me time” to a whole new extended level! Sometimes in life you just get… well stuck and boy did I feel stuck. I think that so many of us in our late 20’s feel like starting over would be much worse then sticking with whatever you are currently doing. Being unhappy or uninspired is NEVER worse than starting over. The downsize, my “me time” activities were costing me money that wasn’t being replenished with an income. That put my shopping habits on a very fast halt or should I say I was more aware of what I was spending.


Now let’s not be naive because we all know that putting that to a complete stop is like asking for something that is just nearly impossible! But, like I said I made sure that I was smart about the money I was spending. That is why I am OBSESSED with the WhoWhatWear Collection available at Target. The collection is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends and you can get a little dose of chic luxury for a steal that you just can’t pass up when you go into Target for that laundry basket you needed and end up leaving with a whole new wardrobe, 3 pairs of shoes, a picnic table and a grill for the backyard you don’t have. Isn’t it interesting how that happens!?





Sooo… here’s what’s up. Here’s the 411. The hot gossip is, is that kitten heels are officially fetch (name that movie). I try and stay away from trends that people only like because they are trends. I will wear a trend if I genuinely can see myself it. I was a hard-no on kitten heels before I saw these. They are super fun and have the daintiest details that I just couldn’t pass them up. It doesn’t hurt that they are super affordable, which is great for trends you think might quickly fizzle out.


Shop The Look:

Shirt: WhoWhatWear Boxy Tie Neck Shirt
Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: WhoWhatWear Kitty Kitten Heeled Mule
Bag: Sold Out 🙁

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples


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