There’s that age old question; “If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who are your top five guests?” Solid question. Butttttt this isn’t a food blog so lets skip the dinner and go straight to a closet tour, now that is a question I can answer! A person who is far up on that list would be (like any other fashion lover) Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw, on Sex and the City. I mean her shoe collection alone is something I swoon over. Elle.com wrote an envious but mind-blowing article on how much Carrie’s wardrobe would cost and lets just say I’m a few cents away from that. LOL.


If there is one iconic clothing item that Carrie Bradshaw made famous throughout the six season run, it’s the Manolo Blahnik shoe. Manolos and Choos were the main reason why this character’s shoedrobe came to a whopping $40,000 value. These blue satin pumps seem to have a cult of their own – they were made so famous by the SATC franchise that almost every season it seems that at least one fast fashion retailer seems to come out with a dupe of the pair. Let me be clear that THESE ARE DUPES, and I am in no way promoting purchasing illegal replicas but, when no one really saw the investment potential in them that I did, the real deal was sadly never gifted to me. So I fully understand and appreciate wanting to look the part without paying for it, welcome designer dupes on Amazon!


Disclaimer; not all designer dupes are created equal! Pay close attention to what you are purchasing and please for the sake of fashion if your wearing a dupe, share it! No shame in the “ballin’ on a budget” game. Chances are whoever is asking where you got your AMAZING shoes isn’t about to shell out $900 and their first born for the trendy pair.





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Shoes: Amazon Fashion 
Blazer: ASOS “River Island” Structured Blazer
Jeans: American Eagle Mom Jean

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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