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Forget that old color rule. It’s basically like the white after Labor Day one — totally dated and totally untrue. It’s like a fashion urban legend, you follow? This color combo lends an earthy-chic feel that’s perfect for fall and winter.  The trick with black and brown outfits is to know how to combine colors, fabrics, and shapes to get a cohesive look. Just like you’d do with any other color out there, the idea is to contrast.

Now the rule of black and brown has more to do with combining colors (including navy) that are often seen as foundation, meaning that they’re meant to be combined with other tones. While I think dark brown and black can look great, I must admit that combinations with lighter hues of brown look absolutely stunning with the contrast of dark black.

If you still think you’re not ready to break this rule, one great option is to get a statement piece that mixes both colors, like the Who What Wear checked bomber jacket. You can get a solid black outfit and just accessorize it with this piece to bring some color and pull the look together.

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Jacket: Who What Wear Plaid Bomber
Jeans: AG “Farrah” skinny
Boots: Christie Knee High Boots
Scarf: Old UO Blanket Scarf

Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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