Balenciaga, But Like Not…

I feel like in this “scroll happy” world we live in these days, we can sometimes get caught up in the want or desire to have all of the things we seeing as we are doing said “scolling”. It creates this lust for things that may be a bit out of our reach as well as our budget. I know that I fall victim to this daily! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is ANYTHING wrong with creating a wish list or an “If I had…” list but it’s always good to keep things in perspective especially when it comes to fashion and style. As Heidi Klum once said “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out”. That’s just the fashion life-cycle.

The whole reason I am referencing all of this is because, I remember scrolling through my feed and coming across one of my favorite bloggers wearing this black and white Balenciaga sweater and just for giggles, I went online and looked it up… $1,190 later I sank into a shallow fashion depression realizing that a purchase like that would not only have me gasping for air but it’s just not a practical purchase. (An amazing women once told me “invest in the things that take you from one place to the next (shoes) and invest in the thing you use to carry all that monaaaay (handbags)).  A trendy sweater with a HUGE logo all over didn’t fit into that category so regardless of the price (insane) it wasn’t going to be mine.

Then began the hunt to find a sweater in which I could use the inspiration I got from the original one to build a whole new look reflective of me. It was going to be tough cause I am usually not one for logos or sayings like “live, laugh, love”, “good vibes” or “fearless” printed ALL over something, so it had to be something that I was comfortable wearing. Insert “Zara”, I love and I mean LOVE shopping at Zara.

I think that they offer so many different options for someone who doesn’t want to spend their unborn child’s college tuition on a sweater or the must have pant of the season. I found this Zara sweater online and it seemed like the perfect, affordable option to recreate the look I wanted, plus I am basically already a walking mannequin for them. The moral of the story is don’t get hung up on lusting over something that for the time being isn’t quite obtainable or just not practical for you at the particular moment. That’s why I love this form of expression! It’s all based on you and who you are. Plus I love a good hunt, or a great find!

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Xoxo, Lindsey

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