L Is For…

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am a sucker and I mean a SUCKER for this “hallmark holiday”. Have been since it was a homework assignment in grade school to make a valentine’s day mailbox out of a shoebox. Screw the math homework I would spend hours on that thing, making sure it was fully decked out in all the latest arts and crafts trends! Regardless of your stance on whether or not this is just a day for businesses to capitalize on the relationship status of people you can’t deny that there are some MAJOR pros to this holiday:

1.) It’s totally acceptable to eat chocolate at EVERY SINGLE meal. Just one bite though:)

2.) There is a guarantee that at least one or more Nicholas Sparks movies will be playing at any given time.

3.) You can have an entire conversation using only candy hearts.

4.) Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea, even if you send to yourself (just skip the carnations).

5.) Last but not least it is the perfect excuse to celebrate the greatest love of your life- whoever that is!

Xoxo, Lindsey

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