Ughhh Tights

“Go put on TIGHTS. We are having dinner at Grandma Sowless tonight.” My mom would say and as the word tights left her mouth I would shutter. There was always a special place in hell for those suckers and for the longest time that’s where I wanted them to stay. It may have been me rebelling against the undeniable preppy-ness that was my father and grandmother, or they always seem too tight, were wayyyy too itchy and just downright uncomfortable but or whatever reason they were a hard no for me. No that I have matured (lol) I have come to realize that they are essential in creating a seasonally- appropriate outfit. Here are my tips for the girl who just hates tights:

To The Girl Who Hates Tights Because They Are Too Tight: Honestly, they are probably the wrong size.Tights sizes are based on your height and weight and often differ from your typical jean sizes. If you’re use to tights feeling uncomfortable, opt for a bigger size.

To The Girl Who Hates Tights Because They Are Too Itchy: If you’re skin is sensitive, again shop for tights in various materials and find the ones that are right for you. They even make moisturizing tights (idk but they exist)! For an easier option just lather on lotion before you put those bad boys on and you will be good to go!

To The Girl Who Hates Tights Because They Rip: It’s like a game of operation trying to get into tights without touching the sides and them ripping from the bottom to the top.  Opt for tights that are opaque rather than sheer. Opaque tights are way more durable and you’ll be sure to fend off snags and runs.

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Xoxo, Lindsey

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Photo Credit: Alana Peoples

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