New York Minute: An Outsider’s Guide to Insider Places

I love the city that never sleeps. I mean, I love it so much that whenever I get a chance to go for work or for fun, I try and jam as much in as possible. MUST SEE EVERYTHING. Here are a few of my favorite spots from our last trip there:)

For the past few trips we have stayed at the LIFE hotel right in Midtown’s NoMad (ladies, it’s off 5th ave and only a few blocks away from a Zara) and we love it! The building was once the LIFE magazine headquarters, so it has this historic feel to it, but don’t worry it just got re-renovated! It has the crisp clean feel to it with a modern twist and there is something about a boutique hotel that I love. Could be that it just has the word boutique in it!

I went to my FIRST ever NBA basketball and it was so much fun! Things I learned: I know very minimal information about basketball, the players are extremely tall, have hugeeee running strides and I love all their shoes and lastly the jumbotron at Barclays Center is as big as my whole apartment.

I have a running list of brunch places I want to go to on my phone because there is just something about brunch in NYC. I’ve had Jack’s Wife Freda on the list since I started it a year or so ago, and for some reason always picked other places despite it being at the top. Let me tell you it did not disappoint!

Nestled in the West Village (they have 3 locations) the interior is exactly what I imagined it would be. Cute and quaint with a hipster flare and intriguing art covering the walls. The food was, well intriguing too! The menu a little hard to decipher if you were familiar with some of the lingo but our server was super helpful and made it easy to pick after that!

I understand the hype, as there are instagram worthy opportunities galore and am glad I can say after it’s time on my list it was well deserved! I loved it and so did Cooper surprisingly! (he’s more of an eggs, bacon and choco-chip pancakes kinda guy but he knows how much I love a great insta and I am very lucky he comes along for the ride)

I think all the wall/street art in the city is so cool. Coop and I would be walking down the street and you know when you are walking your dog and they stop to smell something but you keep going… Well Coop is the person walking, I am the dog and we would be holding hands and then I would see one of these and just HAVE to take a picture and poor Coop would jerk back because I had stopped. Sorry!

But, come on how can you not!?

Something both Cooper and I have come to realize is that we have the tendency to get a wee-bit hangry… Since I am a sucker for an instagram post and at the time C was just plain hungry I told him I had a spot. Fully unaware of the fact the by CHLOE is a VEGAN restaurant I sent Cooper up to order. How was I supposed to know that those burgers I had been seeing on my Instagram feed were tempeh burgers!? Well, as Cooper returned with his pesto mushroom meatball sub I felt a morsel of disappointment that I didn’t nail the lunch spot for him. Little did I know, I DID! He loved his fake meatball sub and I got my picture. Successful lunch for the both of us but I don’t see a vegan lifestyle in the future for us.

We really did have a jammed packed weekend but we were able to sneak in a trip to broadway to see a show I have wanted to see for so long, Wicked! I may or may not have had the soundtrack on my playlist for years now but there is just something about seeing it on broadway that doesn’t compare. It was also Cooper’s first broadway show and I think he enjoyed it (he didn’t fall asleep so that’s a win).

We grabbed dinner before the show at ABC Cocina which is part of ABC Carpet & Home which I am OBSESSED with! I don’t even know how to describe it but it’s a home decor store, it’s a paper goods store, it’s a sort of flea market, it’s an everything store and it has restaurantS, yes plural. I could have spent hours in there. It is just something you have to go see. Do it.

Xoxo, Gossip Girl, I mean Lindsey

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