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I was 9 years old and on a family vacation to the most magical place on earth. Yup, you guessed it, Disney World. On the 2nd day there I was swimming in one of the pools on the resort and within a matter of seconds jumped in the pool, hit my face on the bottom and came out of the water looking like a 9 year old hill-billy with a big snaggletooth right in front (you can imagine the family photos on the rest of that trip. Yikes). Well there started my long journey with hating my smile or more precisely my teeth. The problem with that is the state of your smile is closely tied to self-worth and self-confidence. Your smile can say a lot about you…for better or worse.

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I had a cap put on that front tooth, but it never quite matched the remaining part of my tooth (it was always a little lighter) and with a couple more whacks of a snowboard throughout the years (3 to be exact) I decided to completely re-do my two front teeth (put in fake teeth). Once the new teeth were in place, I decided I wanted to try out teeth whitening. This was probably 12 years ago so at home teeth whitening wasn’t a thing. I went to the dentist (yuck) and had to do three 45-minute sessions of teeth whitening. I got about 30 minutes into the first session and had to stop because of the severe pain it was causing to my sensitive teeth. It was so unbearable that I couldn’t complete the rest of my sessions. And thus ended my venture into teeth whitening.


That was until Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying their product. Teeth whitening whenever and wherever was comfortable for me… Uh duh of course I said yes! Most people are unaware that the high cost of teeth whitening come from the visit. Well, Smile Brilliant is taking that visit away! They have removed the office visit and provide you with a dentist free, dentist grade whitening service all from the comfort of your own home and for under $200.

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The process was super simple and very fast! Here’s how it went. I answered some pretty standard questions about my dental history and a couple days later right there in my mailbox was a package from Smile Brilliant waiting for me. Following the step by step instructions, I made my teeth molds and sent them back to Smile Brilliant In a stamped and provided envelope. With a very short turn around wait of about a week I received my fitted trays and the teeth whitening process started! I was so pleased with how smooth and effortless the process was.

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I used the whitening kit every night before bed for about a week and a half and noticed a change within the first few days! I will say that my saving grace was the desensitizing gel. I used it after I took the whitening trays out and it really made a big difference! I will definitely continue to use Smile Brilliant and will absolutely recommend to family and friends.

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Xoxo, Lindsey

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