Slits and Stilettos

A few months ago, during NYFW I was scrolling through Instagram and I passed over a few of my favorite bloggers and they all were wearing the same exact pants… These particular pants caught my eye and I don’t really know why but I HAD to find out who made them (very well knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to afford them)! I, as I do often went to Google and typed in “black pants with front slits fashion week” and what do you know they popped up, I headed to WARDROBE.NYC to check them out.

As I was looking around the website I was intrigued by the brands business model.. It is “a conceptual composite of luxury essentials, distilled into their purest and most desirable form. Designed for a modern urban life, the line consists of in-season, cohesively styled wardrobes, priced without retail margins. Supreme in quality and produced in limited quantities, WARDROBE.NYC heralds a conscious and liberated model for the future of luxury.” I MEAN BRILLIANT!!! Wardrobe NYC operates on an unusual retail model: small collections are available to buy online only in packs of usually four and eight pieces, ranging in price from $500 to $3000. The “releases” represent separate full wardrobes that can be mixed and matched to create looks that best fit your own personal style. I highly suggest that you check out there website. It’s linked above.

So the good news I found out who makes them the bad news… the 4 piece set with the leggings will set you back just around $1500. I know no big deal, but now that I am closer to 30 than I am to 21 I am trying to remember that like refrigerators costs money and so do washer and driers and ‘ish like that.. BORING but sort of something to keep in mind. And so the hunt continues, I HAD to find a pair of these pants that I could afford and that I think most people would be able to. Well, I found them and as always my best friend Zara came to the rescue. Here is the most amazing dupe of them: You’re welcome.

Xoxo, Lindsey

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Photo Credit: Kenneth Coles

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