Cali-Girl Swag-ish

Fact: Nothing’s cooler than a vintage tee. Whether emblazoned with retro cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse), nostalgic brands (Camp Beverly Bills, anyone?), or an iconic rock band, the right one can totally transform an outfit. When it comes to finding these badass shirts there are a couple of options: Rifling through your dads drawers for his favorite rock concert memorabilia … Continue reading Cali-Girl Swag-ish

Springtime White

In case you have missed it WHITE is having a BIG moment in fashion right now! Yes, it is always a staple with an amazing pair of white jeans or the best white t-shirt everyone needs but this extends far beyond the white jeans after labor day. Yes, wearing white year round is now not only acceptable, but … Continue reading Springtime White

It’s Simple

Everyone loves a classic; from The Great Gatsby to Fleetwood Mac, you can't really ever see them not being iconic. The "white t-shirt" is The Great Gatsby of a fashion classic. There's a reason that through decades, trend cycles, the rise of fast fashion and beyond, the white tee has remained a constant in our … Continue reading It’s Simple