There’s always that one item we see bloggers wearing with ease during fashion week, that you just can’t wait to get your hands on. This season, it’s the baker boy hat, also known as the newsboy or pageboy. Whatever name you give it, no one can deny that you saw lots of these hats this fall and they … Continue reading Newsies

The Grey

We have all seen it done a million times before; All black, and trust me I am the first to gravitate towards that color scheme (it's and East coast thing) but when you aren't quite in the cold weather haze of black or winter white, a great alternative is a monochromatic grey outfit. It's the … Continue reading The Grey

Brunette Duh

So Mother Nature has officially decided to pack away those surprise 80 degree days and Fall is in full swing! Meaning, I am unpacking all of my cozy sweaters. I just got this Zara "Brunette" sweater the other week and have been dying to wear it, for one reason and one reason only. It is … Continue reading Brunette Duh