Camel Colored

Basic; only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending, as defined by the ever so clever “Urban Dictionary”. But let’s for the sake of this post use the definition from a more, oh I don’t know refined source like the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Ba·sic /‘bāsik/ adjective: forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental. By that … Continue reading Camel Colored

It’s Simple

Everyone loves a classic; from The Great Gatsby to Fleetwood Mac, you can't really ever see them not being iconic. The "white t-shirt" is The Great Gatsby of a fashion classic. There's a reason that through decades, trend cycles, the rise of fast fashion and beyond, the white tee has remained a constant in our … Continue reading It’s Simple

The Grey

We have all seen it done a million times before; All black, and trust me I am the first to gravitate towards that color scheme (it's and East coast thing) but when you aren't quite in the cold weather haze of black or winter white, a great alternative is a monochromatic grey outfit. It's the … Continue reading The Grey